Business Customers

Serving local businesses is our specialty.

Our on-site service enables your business to realize the following advantages:

  • Standardize fleet service dates

  • Save costs with fleet pricing

  • Utilize employee time more efficiently

  • Track vehicle mileage

How can we benefit you?


In addition to oil changes, we've helped our clients with many other services to fit their needs.

Here are our most common services:

  • Oil changes

  • Vehicle washes

  • Air filters

  • Tire rotations

  • Tire pressure

  • Windshield wiper blades

  • Windshield wiper fluid fill-ups

  • Febreze air fresheners


Business Customer Testimonial

Cozy Oil Change has been a great addition to our team at Multimedia Solutions. They are currently handling our Dallas branch of 25 vehicles with routine oil changes, tire rotations, air filters, windshield fluid checks, and washing.

The time they save our company on transporting vehicles to and from oil changes and the fact that they complete the entire fleet in one day is awesome. They even use our company forms for tracking mileage and maintenance performed.

Kyle and his crew are very professional and hard working. I have even watched them do oil changes in the rain.

Cozy Oil Change has been maintaining our oil changes for a year now and we have had no issues with oil leaks or any mechanical issues.

For your business or individual vehicle, Cozy Oil Change is the one to use. I highly recommend Kyle and his crew.

Louis Shoop

Warehouse Manager, Multimedia Solutions


To learn more about how Cozy can benefit your business, please send an email to